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Passion for Innovation and Change

14 years providing automation and control services to the process industries.

We are Specialists in…

Bolier control and safety. water-tube and smoke-tube.

Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Biomass, Recovery.

DCS and ESD for Chemical Plants of continuous and batch processes.

Electrolysis, HCl, Treatment and Filtration, Reactors, Dryers.

Auxiliary Systems (BOP) in Power Generation Plants

TGBT, CCM, UPS Systems, Instrumentation and Control.

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Our Services

We design new and different organizational policies and working methods, in constant search of Innovation, Change and Improvement.

We seek to establish a Partner relationship with our clients, offering services that cover all project stages and subsequent support throughout the life cycle.

Solutions offered include:

  • Advide on IT/OT Convergence, Insertion to loT and Industry 4.0.
  • Basic and Detailed Engineering.
  • Board Manufacturing.
  • DCS, PLC, SCADA Programming.
  • Electromechanical Assembly.
  • MAC (Main Automation Contractor).
  • BI Software Implementation, Maintenance, Analytics, MES, etc.
  • Support and Maintenance Contracts.


We aim to passionately provide each of our clients with innovative solutions for automation, control and instrumentation of processes for the industry, through personalized, comprehensive and effective attention and service, developing open, secure systems of high scalability.


We want to stand out in our field for being a company that builds and strengthens respectful, lasting and satisfying ties with our internal and external clients, as well as our suppliers, and that constantly seeks to provide better care and provide services of quality as it adapts to the demands of the environment.


We find satisfaction in the work we do and in obtaining efficient results, for which we are directed towards the achievement of common objectives through organized work and the generation of solutions that allow us to reach higher quality standards.



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